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photo Exciting adventures await you at Arcadium, your affordable family fun center. The park is located 5 miles northwest of Derby - close to many of Georgia's scenic wonders. Arcadium supports over 50 rides, including some of the state's most exciting roller coasters and water rides. Come and experience our newest ride, G-Force! There's also plenty of fun for the younger kids. The park provides two separate kiddie pools and special rides for the kids, and opening this spring, our new toddler park!

Arcadium is open seven days a week:

Arcadium is easy on your budget. Compare our low daily rates to the big chain parks. You can choose to purchase a gold ticket for any twenty rides, a plantium ticket for thirty rides, or for the best value, the full-day pass to ride as many times as you want, wherever you want. Special off-season and large group rates are available.

Arcadium  •  Hwy 12, Exit 491  •  Derby, GA 20010  •  1 (800) 555-5431