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. . .Things I Enjoy

  1. My children (most of the time)
  2. Spending time with my friends
  3. Reading a good book
  4. Dancing with someone who enjoys it as much as I do
  5. Catching a movie at the theater
  6. Dark chocolate
  7. Traveling...just about anywhere
  8. Watching pro football, especially the Green Bay Packers
  9. A really good meal accompanied by a really good wine
  10. Learning new stuff (like how to design Web pages)

. . .Things I Dislike

  1. Spiders and other crawly things
  2. People who try to drive and text or talk on their cell phones at the same time
  3. Oysters, but not other types of shellfish
  4. Gangsta rap
  5. Whiners
  6. Beer of any kind
  7. Most TV shows, except some sports and some talent shows like "American Idol"
  8. Housework
  9. Paper cuts
  10. Trying to come up with ten things I dislike


. . .Reasons Christian Godfrey Is the Best Instructor In the World

  1. He's got a great--if slightly warped--sense of humor
  2. He truly wants to help his students learn
  3. Superfantabulous websites are his specialty
  4. He has a really cool laptop with fingerprint authentication
  5. Students who are on time to his early-morning class get rewarded
  6. He listens to what students have to say
  7. The SIFE club would be dead in the water without him
  8. He's not averse to being the recipient of shameless brown-nosing
  9. He doesn't really mind if I can't actually come up with ten reasons why he's the best instructor in the world